Welcome to Poplar Central Mosque

Poplar Central Mosque is a place of worship and community for Muslims in the heart of Poplar, London

What we do

Poplar Central Mosque relies on the support of generous individuals and organizations to maintain our facilities, run programs, and carry out charitable initiatives.

What choose us

Our Leadership

Poplar Central Mosque is guided by a dedicated team of religious scholars, community leaders, and volunteers who work together to ensure the smooth operation of the mosque and the fulfillment of its mission. Our imams and teachers are well-versed in Islamic teachings and are available for guidance and religious counsel.

Youth Programs

The youth are the future of our community, and we prioritize their development and education. Poplar Central Mosque offers a range of programs and activities for young people, including Islamic youth camps, leadership development, and mentorship opportunities. We aim to empower our youth to become responsible and confident members of society.

Islamic Cultural Events

In addition to religious services, we celebrate Islamic culture and heritage through various events and festivals. From traditional Eid celebrations to cultural festivals showcasing art, music, and cuisine from different Islamic regions, we create opportunities for our community to come together and appreciate our rich cultural diversity.

High standards
of service

Poplar Central Mosque offers a range of services, including daily Salah (prayers), Friday Jumu’ah prayers, educational programs, community events, charitable initiatives, and a welcoming environment for individuals of all backgrounds.

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(654) 123-4567


158 West 105th Street New York, NY 11022


Email: hr@poplarcentralmosque.com

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